Awareness- Schools & Cultural groups

Awareness- Schools & Cultural groups

Under the umbrella of CancerOne College, celeBritys4africA takes cancer outreach to schools and cultural groups in Cameroon. The goal is to reach out to both the young and the old with the hope of eliminating preventable cancers. Our team educates students as early as age of 10 years old.

While we have strong focus on young adults who will become leaders of the community tomorrow, we nonetheless reach out to adults as partnering with them and their cultural groups increases our chances of success in the fight against cancer. We cannot fight cancer with regards only on one segment of the population. Our approach is deep, diversified and incorporative of all. Our cancer gospel is new to many ears and there is total excitement in the communities we visit.

This outreach generates real engagement and tackles ignorance, cultural beliefs and myths while at the same time encouraging regular checkups and screening.

Click here to learn more about our CancerOne College.

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