Cancer Survivors

Cancer survivors have a big role in our global fight against cancer in Cameroon and many parts of Africa and the world at large. Are you a cancer survivor? Share your story and let hope be instilled in many lives and homes.
If you may, tell us about the type of cancer you have/had, tell us the year you were diagnosed. Tell us what stage of cancer you had/have.  your country of origin.
Also tell us what kind of treatment your receiving or received and how many years you have been cancer free.


Meet Our Cancer Survivors


Ms Evelyne Nji
Breast Cancer. Stage III

My name is Nji Evelyne, I am a mother of 3 kids. I live in Cameroon
and was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in 2011.
When my breast started paining, first I was receiving
native treatment for many months. We were told it was
witchcraft. It was only after many months that both
breasts got so bad that I came to the hospital in
Yaounde with the help of my sister in law




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