Haut Nkam group

Haut Nkam group

Women are known to have a tight grip of the family. As such celeBritys4africA targets women of all age groups and pay an outreach visit to their places of gathering.

It was a hot Sunday in January that our team drove down to the neighborhood where Haut Nkam women of Lime, Cameroon. The reception was good and our team headed by Mr Elijah Ning went down to business not long after our arrival. Our lead clinical Specialist Dr Christella Ajong was on peddles and got directly connected with all 150 women present as her medical rotation was done in their town of origin.  Our talk did focus on breast and cervical cancer with strong emphasis on prevention and nutrition. If there was one thing these women took home, it was the urge not only to lead a healthy life that will boost cancer prevention but also to take the message to their friends and families.

Our talks with the Haut Nkam Women can be viewed here

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