Message from the President

Message from the President

CeleBritys4africA™ was founded as a result of high cancer deaths in most parts of Africa dominated by breast, cervix, prostate, lung, liver and colorectal cancer Lack of proper diet, physical exercise, excessive consumption of tobacco and tobacco related products are all contributing factors to the high rise of cancer in the continent. Environmental factors such as the disposal of waste and hazardous materials are also of alarming concern where citizens are open to dangerous substances for the most part. Waste disposal and management has no defined structures and most nations do not have environmental protection laws in place to safeguard its citizenry. celeBritys4africA™ shall work vigorously in its efforts to eradicate cancer in Africa.

However, our efforts shall not come to fruition without dedicated partnerships with citizens and governments. We believe that it is the duty and pride of any government to secure the health of its citizens by designing legislations that are not only pro-health but pro-environment as well. Citizens on the other hand, have to be ready and willing, to embrace positive changes in habits and lifestyles that ultimately boast cancer prevention.

celeBritys4africA™ believes that an effective utilization of its ApTModeL™: Awareness, Prevention and Treatment is very vital in the fight against cancer in Africa. The proper implementation of the ApTModeL can save lives at every stage. While awareness presents the knowledge and facts on various types of cancer under our radar, it nonetheless propels individuals to the preventive stage as they embrace routine preventive screenings. This stage of the ApTModeL might lead some individuals to the final stage; treatment. At the treatment stage, a care team decides what will be best for the patient and a treatment therapy or combination of therapies are recommended, such as surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, brachytherapy and proton therapy

The lack of cancer centers in most parts of the African continent (providing medium to advanced care in radiotherapy and chemo therapy) make it very difficult for treatment to be effected. Many countries boast very low numbers of cancer treatment specialists. In some countries, these medical professionals do not exist. Kenya with more than thirty million people has five oncologists, a single radiotherapy center, one linear accelerator and a population. Cameroon with a population of twenty one million boasts four oncologists, one medical physicist, ten pathologists, three cytotechnicians, and two outdated treatment machines.

Of the fifty four nations in Africa, only twenty two have cancer treatment centers though ill equipped and under staffed. That is less than 21% of the population. The staffs at these centers are not properly trained in advanced administration of chemotherapy regimen, radiotherapy planning, radiotherapy treatment and brachytherapy planning and treatment.

We cannot win the fight against cancer with insufficient human resources and limited partnerships. We must explore  resources available that make use of technology such as RapidArc™ radiotherapy technology, Dynamic Targeting™ IGRT (Image Guided Radiotherapy) technology, SBRT (Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy) and SBRS (Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery) technology, 3-D conformal therapy, IGBT (Image Guided brachytherapy), SmartBeam™ IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy) ,VMAT (Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy), Respiratory management and high end treatment planning systems such as Eclipse™, iPlan®,Xio®, Monaco®, Focal® and Pinnacle®. These should not go without the added benefit of cancer tumor registries which are currently lacking continent wide despite the growing need for cancer data at all times to help doctors, researchers and scientist in their respective works.

While we create awareness, we must invest in our human resources to fill in the gap at the same time. We need Africans to get more involved in oncology related disciplines such as radiation therapy, CT technology, oncology nursing, medical dosimetry, medical physics, medical oncology medicine, surgical oncology medicine, radiation oncology medicine, pediatric oncology medicine, gynecological oncology medicine, oncology information systems engineering, biomedical engineering, palliative care, wellness and spirituality, counseling, just to name a few. With these, we should be ready to fight cancer at all the stages of the ApTModeL: Awareness, Prevention and Treatment.

We believe that with your help, we can together make a difference not only in Africa but in the lives of all African victims of cancer and their families. Together, we can achieve a huge victory against cancers of the breast, cervix, prostate, liver, lung and colorectal. There’s no doubt that the road will be steep, winding and at times slippery but your unflinching commitment and conviction not only to our cause but in your very own ability to succeed beyond all odds, will sail us through and provide to the people of Africa the LOVE and HOPE they deserve and a true reason to smile again.

Our cause is just, our road will be forever bumpy, yet our plight and commitment shall grow stronger with each passing day. Your support is more than ever needed and appreciated. With fervent love and gratitude,

Clifford T RHAYNS

Founder and CEO


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