Our Lady of Mount Camel, Buea

Our Lady of Mount Camel, Buea

As our car drove into the school premise, you could hear excitement in the voices of the students who had already congregated in the school auditorium. After greeting and introductions, the Principal, Reverend Sister Agnes, expressed her gratitude on behalf of her staff and students not only for our time, but our dedication and sacrifice. She stressed to the audience the importance of attentiveness as cancer is a killer and a boiling issue. Our day was blessed with an opening prayer from one of the young students. It was only after this official process that our lead volunteer for the day, Andrea took to the podium. She talked more on cervical cancer and breast cancer hitting hard on prevention. Mr Ning Elijah followed as well linking Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and sex and encouraging these girls to abstain from sexual intercourse and focus on their studies at all time. The students were very enterprising and asked many questions which were all answered. The staff and students of this all girl Catholic institution were very happy by the time we left. As we drove away, we could see them holding their brochures closer to their chest than their text books. What a nice day it was!!

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