Saker Baptist College, Limbe

Saker Baptist College, Limbe

Dr Kuna Fombutu teaming together with Dr Christella Ajong formed our duo up front as our footsoldiers matched into Saker Baptist College Limbe. The atmosphere was warm and cozy. Our reception from the staff of this historical institution was of beyond “Michelin” standard. Both the staff and entire student body, clustered in a medium sized auditorium with anxious nerves to receive our message.
Dr Ajong took to the floor talking about breast cancer. After interactively answering the many questions from the audience, Dr Fombutu in partnership with Dr Ajong, went crazy on cervical cancer. At the end of the day, a lot of cancer myths were demystified and the students retired to their respective dormitories vowing to take the message home to their parents and extended family members.
Our talks with the staff and students of Saker Baptist College, Limbe can be viewed here.

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