Seventh Day Adventist, Limbe

Seventh Day Adventist, Limbe

With a healthy body, praise and worship can be delivered. It was against this background that celeBritys4africA was invited by the Seven Day Adventist Church at their National convention holding in Limbe Cameroon.

The church and its leaders recognized the growing trend of cancer occurrences in Cameroon and subsequent high cancer mortality (especially in the areas of breast, cervical and liver cancers) contacted our team to talk to its congregation.

Our team was headed by Mr Ning Elijah and our lead volunteer, Dr Trixy Franke, a fellow member of this denomination, held the atmosphere spellbound with cancer details and facts. Dr Trixy elaborated to the congregation of about 800 people, on the need to prevent cervical, breast, liver, lung, and prostate cancers and provided much detail on what preventive steps to take against each of these cancers.  Though most of the information was new to the congregation, they were nonetheless very grateful and gracious and not only promised to entertain necessary life changes to arm themselves but also to arm their friends and family members with the knowledge learnt as well.

Photos of this session can be viewed here


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